flipbin®: Our Story


We started out with a really simple idea that was born from our passion for music, vinyl and, quite simply, our own collections. We thought for sure there was something available suitable to our needs, but the more we looked, the less we found. 

So, what exactly we were looking for? We were looking for...flipbin. When we realized it wasn't available, and others shared the same level of interest, we started the process of making it a reality. We wanted something that was designed specifically for our records and had three basic points to address and provide solutions:

We wanted a place for the records sitting around our turntables. More specifically, storage for those records not already stored in shelves. Call it your favorites, your new additions to the collection, or your "Now Playing."

We wanted to show off what was playing and let those records' artwork shine. Albums are beautiful and they should be displayed.

We wanted to interact with our records in a way that was familiar to us (and all collectors)...at home! Nothing we found combined the storage and display aspects while letting us flip through albums like we all do at record store. 


Once we realized this was something nobody else had created, we began the process of designing, prototyping, and ultimately planning to share this with others via Kickstarter. We set up a company, researched and paid for legal protection (including utility, design patents and trademarks) and we spent a lot of time building, breaking and prototyping flipbin. To say it was a lot of work is putting it mildly, but when you believe in something like we believe in flipbin, it becomes a true labor of love. We love flipbin and we're thrilled to share it with you.

You can't launch a Kickstarter campaign without having at least put the effort in to making a prototype. We created 4 prototypes during the process, each one making small changes that ultimately resulted in having our working flipbin's ready to share in advance of launching our campaign!

We put a lot of effort into doing what we thought was the right thing. In short, we dedicated a lot of energy