The new home for your favorite records!

Our aluminum "Now Playing" display also stores 30+ records where they should be - next to your turntable! - keep 'em close!

Fill! Flip! Play! Display! 

Made in Chicago, U.S.A. 🇺🇸

About flipbin®


Storage and display for your records!

We have our shelves and crates, but we really wanted something for the records lying around, new stuff for the collection and listening to (cuz' you know, that's what you do with records!) 

flipbin allows you to display what's playing, provides storage for 30+ records (and you can flip thru 'em like when you're at your local record store!) fits near your turntable, is designed and built to last, and looks good doing it!  

In short, we wanted a flipbin® and we're pretty excited about 'em! We've got the Model 33 for your 12" (holds approx. 33 records) and the 7" Model 45 (that holds approx. 45)

MATERIALS: Aluminum, Powder Coated Finish

Model 33 (for 12") : 13" W x 12.75" H x 10" D
Model 45 (for 7"): 8" W x 7.25" H x 5" D

Proudly custom made by real people in Chicago, USA!

Reconnect with your collection, grab a stack from the shelf and start flipping!